Category Topics

Artificial Intelligence

We firmly believe in the uprising of AI everywhere and we think that being early adaptors to the various technologies surrounding AI would give us great advantage. So come and learn with us about the fantastical world of AI.

Sudo vs Root

Auto generated blog updates from Sudo vs Root for linking the blog comments and discourse discussions together, you can see SVR here.

Product Management

Managing and releasing a product from start to finish is an extremely hard task. See how we make that a little bit easier everyday and tell us how you do it too.


A forum to talk about blockchain and frameworks with which you can build blockchains. Talk about Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum and everything else related to blockchain.

Robotic Process Automation Forum

Community on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), who are the best people in RPA industry, find vendors to implement RPA in your organization and much more.


This is it! The Front-End category where we will talk about all things related to HTML, CSS, Javascript and more! Ask us any doubts you have anywhere because we excel at frontend development and would like to help anyone where ever possible.


Marketing well is an art form, it can go very well or it results in disaster. Let’s talk about how we can improve marketing whether it is personal marketing or for a company.

Mobile & tvOS Development

We love developing apps, whether for mobile or for tv, and we love to communicate with like minded people about the intricacies that carries so come and talk with us here about all development from Native to React Native.


Design is everywhere, but how well do we perceive it and how it can be improved so that everyone can have a great experience is the question we tackle in the category, and when we are bored we draw some silly stuff too. So come and talk here if you care about design too.