100 Questions Designers Always Ask

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #1

[Internal Share] Found this article on Medium today. I think this is a beautiful list of questions everyone should answer:

Here’s my favorite list:

  1. And now for 50 tactical questions:
  2. Is the font readable?
  3. Is there enough contrast?
  4. How will this appear on a laptop?
  5. How will this appear on a tablet?
  6. How will this appear on a phone?
  7. Does it even need to be responsive?
  8. What features are imperative for a mobile/native version?
  9. Is this buildable [with modern technology]?
  10. Does it fit into the client’s timeline?
  11. Where am I willing to compromise the design?
  12. Will this product integrate with other services?
  13. How could this product integrate with other services?
  14. Is this design performant?
  15. What does my design look like with perfect data?
  16. What does my design look like with ugly data?
  17. What does my design look like with no data?
  18. What does my design look like out-of-the-box?
  19. What type of user will love this [very specific] page I’m designing?
  20. What would they want to see?
  21. What might they be worried about?
  22. Am I showing the right data?
  23. Am I showing the data in the right way?
  24. Is this the right chart/visualization?
  25. Do I need a chart/visualization at all? Is it really worth it?
  26. What type of user do these charts/visualizations support?
  27. Will this [particular screen] be useful every day, or only occasionally?
  28. How does this [particular screen] help the user?
  29. What information might they want to see now?
  30. Do they care about this information over time?
  31. Will this information help them?
  32. Will this information hurt them?
  33. Should this [particular screen] be overtly negative or overtly positive?
  34. Does development effort match the user reward?
  35. How can I [better] enable developers to execute this design?
  36. Does the product adhere to design standards?
  37. Does the product use familiar design patterns?
  38. If development only executes 30% of my design, how does it look?
  39. Did I design for quick wins?
  40. Did I design for stretch goals?
  41. Why might I receive pushback on this design?
  42. Am I pushing the envelope and innovating?
  43. What products are already doing this well?
  44. What products tried to do this, but failed?
  45. What’s a sign that things are working?
  46. What’s a sign that things are failing?
  47. What would make this easier to use?
  48. What would make this harder to use?
  49. Is this page necessary?
  50. Can I combine this page with another?

(Jeyanthan I) #2

Hey guys, I get all your internal conversations now. Is this intended? Am I supposed to be here? or is this board public?

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #3

Hey @ijeyanthan,
Our teams use Allt.in internally for discussion. But we’re using Discourse to collect, curate, and share good content with everyone on the internet. :slight_smile:

(Jeyanthan I) #4

Great. Your [Internal Share] tag in the title confused me a bit.