12 RPA Blogs that we love ❤️

Staying updated with the latest advancements in Robotic Process Automation can be hard. Finding and filtering the best sites that has the essential data you need is even harder. Here is a list of the 12 blogs on robotics process automation that you should definitely add to your reading list.

1. Uipath


Uipath blogs focus on the most important topics that you need to know about RPA. Uipath also has a collection of good examples, detailed documentation, digital strategies, and even tutorials.

2. Automation edge


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To stay updated with the marketing trends of RPA and other automation in the industry, read automation edge blogs. Automation Edge blogs have a good collection of stats, market reports, applications, benefits and so on.

3. Automation Anywhere


Automation Anywhere has classified their blogs into categories which helps the readers read what they exactly want. You can find blogs that have explored a lot about the benefits, integration, and applications of process robots.

4. Perficient


Perficient blogs are short and crisp and are exactly on point. Most of the blogs are 3-minutes read but covers all the necessary information that you need to know about RPA.

5. Forrester Research


If you want to know about RPA predictions for the year, Forrester Research will be the right option. In addition to predictions, Forrester Research also has blogs with use cases.

6. The RPA Academy


RPA Academy covers information on the business side of RPA along with Blue prism, Automation Anywhere & UiPath. RPA academy has posted all their blogs in a single page so that you get to read all the topics without missing out any.

7. Sutherland Global


Sutherland Global has whitepapers which explain better about RPA implementation in different fields like mortgage companies and insurance. They also have a good collection of blogs that can make you understand better about RPA.

8. HFS Research


HFS Research firm has scrupulous information about RPA. They contain reports which are insightful and informative. Go to the website and type “RPA” you can find a repository of RPA blogs.

9. Apex Systems


Apex systems is an IT staffing and workforce recruitment firm are helping people break into RPA market. The above link explains briefly about data integration and process automation. You can also log in to their website to know about the latest marketing trends in RPA.

10. KPMG


KPMG is one of the top three global providers of RPA. They have the best case studies and white papers on RPA and its market.

11. AiiA.Net


They have a separate channel of RPA, you can go there and read webinars, whitepaper, news, and blogs. They also have good videos on RPA.

12. Blue Prism


Blue Prism are the pioneers in RPA software development. They have a great knowledge resource which comprises case studies, videos, webinars, whitepaper, and blogs.


13. DXC technologies


DXC technologies have blogs addressing a diversity of topics under RPA. All the blogs guide to implementing RPA effectively without mistakes.

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