Addressing the gender pay gap at Skcript

Wait..hold on..

Oh never mind! We don’t have this issue. Why are we even writing about this?

Simple, because “gender pay gap” shouldn’t even be an issue at work. Your work defines who you are and the appreciation (renumeration) you receive, NOT who you are born as.

At Skcript, we value two things, trust and work ethics. We don’t care about how you came here, only where you’re headed.


This was true when we started out with 60/40 women/men workforce and it’s true when we’ve evened out at a 50/50 women/men workforce. And the only reason why it remains that way is because we never considered a “gender equivalent” workplace or “gender pay gap” to be an issue to solve. We hire people. Not genders. We hire people who we want to work with, who inspire us to run Skcript, who defy the constraints of society. Basically, we’re run as family unit.

So I’m sorry UK, it won’t take us another 60 years before the gender pay gap is closed and sorry US, it won’t take us another 136 years to reach equal pay, and apologies WEF, another 170 years is too damn long!

Sorry, because while you’re seeing this as a problem to solve, we never saw a difference between a woman and a man doing the exact same work.


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