AI and it's application in real life

What if we walk up to a coffee vending machine, and instead of brewing the coffee by ourselves the machine itself prepares the coffee? Through facial recognition, the machine itself memorize our past preference and act on it.

That’s how fast things are happening in the technological world. AI can work wonders in real life. Now, facial recognition is used from marking attendance to paying online.
A soft drink producer in china uses facial recognition in the vending machine so that customers need not pay by cash. The amount will be deducted from their bank account which is linked with their biometrics and face.

It’s 2020. In the coming years global warming is going to be a talking point. It will gain more and more importance (than previous years) because of the wild-fire breakout in Australia.

Many claim climate change is a fallacy, yet the majority of us believe that everything has to be done to slow down the meltdown. Experts opine that AI and Machine Learning are two important tools that can be put in to use.

Here are just a few ways how AI and Machine Learning help humans to tackle climate change.

  1. Big data: Machines can analyze floods of data within seconds that may take hours for humans. Sensors, gauge readings, and monitors record the abundance of data. Machines help to understand the pattern behind the data and take timely decisions. To scale the weather readings and fluctuation this would be helpful.
  2. Greener future: AI and Machine Learning help to portray the greener future with less emission of greenhouse gases. From irrigation to public transportation technology could be placed to reduce the risk of climate change.
  3. Carbon footprint: Reduction of carbon footprint has been one of the greatest challenges for experts. With technology in hand self-driving and electric cars can be a solution. With the reduction in usage of fossil fuel, carbon dioxide emission could be brought down on a larger scale.
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What about you are going in a shop and a sales guy directly take to you choice design, patter and your size garments??

Artificial Intelligence helps in many ways like this.

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