AMP vs Lead Conversion

(Sankriti Krishnan) #1

Some time ago, we made our site an AMP. Ever since we made that move, there’s been a dip in the stats and the number of people who visited our site and converted into leads is far less now compared to when our site wasn’t an AMP. The traffic being routed to AMP could also be a reason for people not being able to converse with us as easily as before.

Is AMP really a viable option? Is it too late to switch back to a static page? I need some thoughts on this.

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #2

Thanks for brining this up, and I’m sure this is a very interesting challenge to look into. I’ve been having the same worries as well here. And looks like I’m not alone as well.

And here’s a very interesting discussion on Hackernews:

I definitely understand the advantages of AMP, and some of the big players have moved to AMP to provide a really fast experience for the user. But then, when analyzing the sites who are using AMP, it looks like this is a tech geared towards the ‘publishing’ industry. And not necessarily for companies like us.

The reason why a ton of effort goes in into creating some of the best articles on the planet on Sudo vs Root is to teach other people, which could then translate to a lead. Our business or most of the businesses are not for the page views and impressions for PPC Ads, but they’re here to build their brand.

The restrictions on AMP are good for a lot of people. But this has turned out to be a limitation for many companies like us.

Considering AMP improves the rendering of the page in mobile phones faster, I believe that is the best in its segment, when it comes to the page load speed. And the branding as well. Most of the websites I browse, I remember them (if not bookmarked) by their website address. I’m sure there are millions of people who remember or recollect the site they visited or want to visit based on the site address. This is a huge restriction for companies like ours where branding is essential. AMP has just and masks the original address of the site.

I think this is too much control and restrictions towards one single technology.