Announcing the Brandage Contest

People of the Internet, we’ve got a contest for you!

It’s that time of the year when everyone is running around in circles for an Internship - and guess what? We just happen to have one open!

Now the instructions that you have to follow to take part in this contest are simple,

  • All you’ve got to do is market and sell yourself as a custom, self-made brand
  • Tell us why you should be the next Marketing/Sales Intern at Skcript
  • Your self-made, self-owned brand description can be a one-liner or it can be a big paragraph
  • Make sure you tell us how passionate you are about Marketing/Sales and how far you are willing to go to make things great

Once you’ve done all that, send us a message on one of our social media handles or drop us an e-mail at to get noticed!

Hurry! Apply now if you want to join us this Summer! 😃

With ❤️ from Skcript 🎉.

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