Can chatbots learn

I built a chatbot that can learn. Basically I did not find other bots online to be of interest because even tho they may chat good on some topics they dont learn or remember what you tell them. So I made webo in vb6 to be a bot that can actually learn and remember what its told. Most anything its told it remembers and learns from. For example if you said my mother was daisy and any time later you ask bot what is my mothers name the bot replies your mothers name is daisy. But that is just an example as it can be taught anything using general conversation. Its taught like you would teach a kid by telling it things and later asking about that something to see if the kid remembered. Ive named the bot webo after the movie flubber. The more the bot is told the smarter it becomes. If you log in with a unique user name then the bot will associate what it has learned with your log in name and will remember each time you chat with it what you taught it. Its placed online in a ajax like public chatroom I made. Anyone can join the room and the bot replies to the user name who spoke to it. But you must use a forward slash before each message sent to the bot given thats how the bot understands your talking to it instead of someone else in the room. Example to say hello to the bot one would say /hello with no spaces between the forward slash and the message. You can chat with webo at Webo a chatbot that learns.

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