Can you suggest any hobbies that'll improve creativity?

(Hareessh) #1

At times, we may hit creative blocks that’ll make it difficult to solve the design problems that we maybe facing. I heard that cultivating a hobby will make you more creative. Have you tried any hobbies that has improved your creativity?

(Vishvesh Karthik) #2

Yeah, that is true. I believe that playing games have made me more creative :smiley:

(Praveen Juge) #3

Books. Reading books is one of my favourite thing to do in my spare time

(Jeeva K) #4

When I’m playing a game, I think about how the plot could have been better, How the UI can be improved, What is missing in the game?.. These questions I ask myself makes me creative or rather so I believe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: