is overpriced. What alternatives are out there? starts at $50 and I feel like it is overpriced for what its worth. There are no mobile apps, and their support is usually delayed even as a paying customer. What other good alternatives are available for and Upvoty?

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hellonext is a great alternative to for the following reasons:

Hellonext comes with the following features that are way ahead of

  1. iOS and Android app for admins to manage feedback on the go.
  2. Hellonext;'s support team is incredibly responsive and you can also ask for features customized to your domain.
  3. The pricing starts at $10 per month per account for startups. And goes up to $350 per month for Enterprises (1000+ employees).
  4. No variable pricing or limits on the usage.
  5. Free for Open Source communities, Educational Institutions and Non-profit organizations.
  6. Customize colors, forms, buttons and so much more.
  7. Granular controls over your domain.


  1. Deep integrations with Slack:
  2. Deep integration with Intercom:
  3. Deep integration with Zapier.

There is so much more. And they release features every 15 days. The upcoming features can also be tracked here:

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