Chain code instantiation error

(Amil Sajeev) #1

we are attempting to fix up a Hyper ledger fabric network, two organizations, holding two peers each and fabric ca for each org. We succeed in setting up the network, by creating a channel and joining the peers to the same channel, and was also able to install a chain code. But the real issue came when we attempted to instantiate the same chain code, its throwing access denied.Install & instantiation are try to done by NodeSdk. How can i solve this?
connection profile file :
instantiateChainCode.js :

(Anitha Reddy) #2

facing the same issue
any solution??

(Varun Raj) #3

This happens when you had some issue with creating/joining the channel. Can you please attach the log of channel create and join in each peers?

(Anitha Reddy) #4

log of peer when i try to instantiate it

(Anitha Reddy) #5

please do check this

(Varun Raj) #6

Can you please attach the log of channel create and join.

(Anitha Reddy) #7

(Anitha Reddy) #8

logs of docker containers??

(Varun Raj) #9

Which version of fabric you’re using?

(Anitha Reddy) #10

iam using fabric 1.1

(Varun Raj) #11

Check if the peers have joined the channel using peer channel list and has the chaicode instantiated using peer chaincode list --instantiated