Distributed application using Python

(Krishna0727) #1

I have developed a basic Blockchain application using Python, I intend to deploy it so that new nodes can join and can make the transactions and that should be a Distributed application. How can I build that one ?

(Varun Raj) #2

Hello @Krishna0727,

You developed your own blockchain system or using some frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric or Sawtooth?

(Krishna0727) #3

I have developed my own Blockchain Sir. I haven’t used any frameworks.

(Varun Raj) #4

In that case you need to create a networking protocols for your peers either with HTTP or gRPC which will be used to communicate any changes to the ledger to all the other peers with broadcasting. Also when you build this, you have to think about a consensus mechanism to validate each and every commit to ledger.

(Krishna0727) #5

Sure Sir, thank you.