Doubts regarding project

(Vinay Bhatia) #1

Our project “Network Threat Management using Blockchain” is basically an Intrusion prevention System.
For the intrusion detection part we’ve chosen K-Means clustering algorithm with Naive Bayes Classification algorithm.
For training, we will be using KDD Cup’99 dataset. Now this classified data will be provided to each and every node in the blockchain based peer-to-peer network.
Now in this blockchain based network a consensus protocol will be developed through which a node will get to know whether the activity it has encountered is a threat or not. So now if majority of nodes of the network classified that activity as a threat suitable mechanisms will be used to avoid/prevent that threat.

  1. We don’t exactly know how to implement consensus protocol in blockchain. So we need help regarding that like any links or other learning resources.
  2. Also according to you which platform would be best for our project Ethereum or Hyperledger?
  3. As I mentioned above we are currently thinking of K-Means algorithm for the classification purpose so do you think this is the good option or would you like to suggest some other algorithm.