Facial prediction/people detection for recommendation engine

(Moshe Kulibyaka) #1

Could you guys suggest a more or less accurate solution to apply some facial classification algorithms to a camera feed in order to determine people age and gender? I have developed a recommendation engine, but we are missing a front-end part which could scan faces in the area of the camera and feed the data to our engine. There is a number of ML frameworks that you need to train to get anything out of them, but we would like to get something out of the box to cut down on the development effort. Thank you in advance

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(Archibald Pitkin) #2

If you are looking for a ready-made solution, you will probably be better off with a commercial product, prices may vary. You can check out CTS Surveyor (http://www.caerustech-solutions.com/surveyor/) or FaceSDK (https://www.luxend.com/facesdk/)

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