Frameworks for Image Recognition that uses NeuralNets

(Naveen Honest Raj) #1

Not everyone is going to build a image recognition model from scratch for small scale implementations. And we aren’t sure to start off because there are many image recognition frameworks available on Github. Here is one of the stable framework and also is open to contributions.

Kur Framework for Image Recognition ->
Good part about Kur is everything is configured through a single yaml file. Knowledge of basic CNN and Pickle is enough to build a good model. It is also easy to setup the TRAIN-TEST-VALIDATE workflow.

Share your thoughts, if there are some other good resources on image recognition.

(Praveen Juge) #2

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #3

Hey @navdevl,
Kur is a really good framework for image recognition. But I’ve heard some good things about Keras as well. My knowledge in this area is limited to forums and blogs I’ve read so far. I was wondering if you could throw some light on this. Majorly, why would someone pick Kur over Keras.

Also, on the other hand, is it good to go with some cloud based IR solutions like Tensorflow’s IR or should we go with a self-hosted one?

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(Naveen Honest Raj) #5

That’s really a good question @karthik. Even I had those doubts when I was introduced into ML and IR. So, to make the explanations simple and understanding for beginners too, I am not going too much into the technical aspects of it.

So Keras is built on Theano or Tensorflow. i.e, it uses them as the backend and makes higher level functions easy to construct. Keras is a ‘programming’ framework, where you actually program the model with parameters and redefine them with newer layers too. Whereas, Kur is a ‘configuration’ framework, where it take a config.yaml file to do everything. In KUR you won’t code rather you define a model in yaml file.

If you have anything more specific to ask, please feel free.

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #6

This is brilliant. Thanks for taking time and explaining this @navdevl. Really appreciate it. I never realized the difference between Keras and Kur till now. :slight_smile: