Future Usecases and impact of Blockchain

In future day to day activities nothing happen without blockchain technology. Let’s see some future usecases using blockchain technology.

1.Notary Services:

With the help of blockchain technology,creates notary stamps and online signature and stores in the future documentation. It’s very useful in real estate field, between buyer and borrower smart contract creation ,document sharing, stamp signing and signature verification can be recorded automatically.

2.Crowd funding:

Using blockchain we could create and keep track of cryptocurrency status. Crowd funding is the important one to any size of companies. They sell crypto coins in investors and also investor will get a profit of buying cryptocurrency.

  1. IOT Solutions

With the help of blockchain information can be tracked and recorded in unique devices and hard to hack.

4.Unmediated Ride sharing

Using blockchain technology, people can share rides and make payments using cryptocurrency. So that , people share their money and enjoy their free market.

For further reading, http://blog.ionixxtech.com/future-use-cases-and-the-impact-of-blockchain/

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