Google Search now has business messaging 🎉

(Praveen Juge) #1

Google My Business introduced messaging capabilities within google search itself, now your customers can message you within the browser (they say this works well with Allo but this seems like a big push for allo🤔 ) .

Up until now this works good with some little bugs, let’s see how this will improve in the future. Until then you can now go to and search for ‘skcript’ and click on the ‘Send a Message’ icon to talk to us!

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #2

They’re just one step away from killing products like Intercom, isn’t it? This is a good thing for businesses, because they will now be able to handle everything under one roof, and they don’t have to pay for another service.

One thing I don’t like about this is the admin part, where the person needs to be on Allo to get their message replies across. Maybe Google has plans to bring this in the future.

On the usability part, I’m worried that the user will get confused with the number of options that are available to contact a business. There’s a call button, there’s a website button, there’s a directions button and now there’s a new messages button, where everything looks similar.

We just have to wait and see how this turns out. Fingers crossed.

(Praveen Juge) #3

Yeah if they give embeddable chat option to the company’s website then this will definitely kill Drift, Intercom and other products because the customers can just chat with their browser or using allo and the conversions would happen just from the google search rather then coming to the business site.

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #4

Yes. I have a feeling that integrating all these business tools with their existing products like Google Analytics or Webmaster tools would be a nice thing to do. One script to put in your website, and you can enable or disable features as and when you like from a dashboard.

(Sankriti Krishnan) #5

Google My Business can prove really useful if integrated properly - customers will have a common channel through which they can reach us.

I’m not sure about how many of those customers will convert into leads, because when you look at Drift (and other similar platforms), there’s a higher probability of closing a deal when contacted through Drift than say with Google My Business. Then again, we’ll have to wait and see how Google amps My Business and bridges this gap.