Grafana + InfluxDB setup using Docker for real-time analytics dashboard

Everyday, one of my job role that I love doing is DevOps. I try to make it easier and smarter with tools that help me monitor and take actions on the servers I’m managing. One of the major portions where I spend these days in the morning is my custom build Grafana dashboard.

Grafana is probably the best framework that has come out in a very long time, that balances between design and functionality for DevOps people.

Before I discovered the power of Docker, I used to build these dashboard on a dedicated server and run InfluxDB on a different instance and get things to work. But now, these are the only two Docker commands I execute to get the stack up and running.

Remember that these two Docker containers will only get the Grafana and InfluxDB stack up and running. Anything additional you would like to do, it is on you.

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