How deeply AI can transform different spears of the industry?

Many have spoken about the efficiency and capability of AI.

I am really interested in knowing how different spears of the economy/ industry will be affected by the AI?

Take a look at this video. Facial recognition powered by AI make the airport customer friendly.

Understanding how some technologies work may be a daunting task. But there are countless ways of applications for these technologies that you can implement to make things more easier. Businesses can benefit through the application of AI and Machine Learning, as it becomes more efficient and reduces the burden of repetitive and mundane tasks.

I have done small researches to explore the applications of AI in different spears. Especially in twitter; the feeds shows some extra-ordinary applications, which has the power to change the world. From making payments to helping police department in identifying suspects, AI has tremendous impact.

The impact of AI is far-reaching, possibilities are vast. The developers would be able to create an app that can enhance the user experience and the apps could assist the user through voice assistance, emotion recognition, facial recognition, image scanning and much more.

Artificial intelligence can analyze the data in real-time and decode information that helps to predict future behavior patterns of the application user. Another advantage of having AI in the mobile application that it helps to complete the time-consuming task within a short period.

Digital transformation is getting deeply ingrained into the business processes with AI leading the business technology bandwagon. AI embedded business solutions will add value to the business and will also improve efficiency and quality.

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