How much does Automation Anywhere cost?

I have been trying to get the exact pricing of Automation Anywhere for one of Skcript’s customer for Robotic Automation Process consulting services, but I haven’t heard back from the Automation Anywhere team yet (It has been five working days since I raised a query).

Can someone help me with the cost of Automation Anywhere for the following:

  1. Automation Anywhere cost per bot
  2. Automation Anywhere cost for small business
  3. Automation Anywhere IQ Bot cost (per IQ bot)
  4. Automation Anywhere Bot Insight cost
  5. Automation Anywhere Bot Farm cost

From the looks of it, the developer license would be $5,000. But the production license for Automation Anywhere could be around $25,000.

P.S.: I might be completely wrong here. Please help me with the exact cost per license for Automation Anywhere.

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Did you ever find out the exact rates on 1-5?

Yes. But it looks like they are pricing it differently for customers. I got two different prices at two different timeframes.

Hi Karthik, could you please share me those pricing plans that you got? It seems that Automation Anywhere make specific quotes depending on the client needs and characteristics, but I think your information could be value for me.

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