How much does UiPath RPA Cost (Pricing of UiPath)?

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #1

Finding the pricing for tools like UiPath or Automation Anywhere has become extremely tedious and time consuming. And my sales team has been spending so much time gathering these details for Skcript;

So I’m starting to collect the pricing of these tools here. Though these prices might be changing as and when their company feels like changing, this will give you an idea about the price of UiPath for now:

$2000 for a Developer or Studio Plan

$20,000 for the Annual Plan

$1800 for a single attended bot (Attended bots are the ones that requires slight human interventions during the automation)

$8000 for a single Unattended bot (Fully automated UiPath bots)

Hope this helps. I got this pricing when I met a UiPath sales representative at our office recently.


Hi Karthik,

thank you very much for this valuable Information, could you please specify, what exactly the Studio Plan and the Annual Plan are?

Thank you very much in advance!