How to choose the best RPA tool for my business?

Can someone help me with a guide to choosing the right RPA tool for my business?

Hello Karthik,

Here are the list of few tools that are quite popular in the industry currently.

  1. Automation Anywhere
  2. UI Path
  3. Help Systems Automate

Found this on Forrester recently:

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Hi Karthik,

Choosing the right RPA tool depends on your specific requirements. Some RPA tool is very good at programmable solution bots like Helpsystems Automate ( while some are good at self- learning tools like UiPath( and Blue Prism( These tools saw the humans in action, understood the process and then took over the platform to perform those same actions.


Thanks for this man.

Hi Karthik,
Choosing the right RPA would always depend on your business priority, or the basic processes included.
For any process to redefine in automation framework there are certain ways. I recently found this article on “how to design an effective test automation framework”.
Hope this would be a help for you.

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