How to host Ruby app in Bigrock on Shared Linux Hosting?

(Pravin Kumar) #1

I’m new to Ruby on rails. I had developed a small app and I need to host it. I have multi-domain Shared Linux Hosting on Bigrock. I had contacted bigrock for support , but they said it is possible to host on shared linux hosting but they do not have any documentation or guideline for hosting?

Did anyone done it before?

Thanks in Advance

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #2

Hey @pravindia,
Welcome to Discourse by Skcript. Hosting Ruby on Rails on a shared hosting might not be possible, considering the limitations they have on such apps. You might have to go with a private hosting to do this. They might have spoken about some other apps that might have been built on Ruby.

Can you share what exactly they told you?