How to make new peer from separate crypto-config join existing network

I was working on my university project and I was facing this problem.
I want to set up 2 orgs on separate machines. Each machine was set up according to this toturial by changing name from org1 to org2. (
Each org has 1 CA, 1 Orderer, 2 Peers.

  • I start org 1 with CA, Orderer and Peer up and running
  • I try to start org2 BUT this time peer0.org2 will use “peer channel fetch” to get block information from Orderer in org1
  • but i got error “FORBIDDEN”
    *** I guess because CA of org1 doesn’t allow peer0.org2 to get the block’s information

What I think I might work

  1. somehow make CA from org2 exchange cert information with CA org1 so that. my peer0.org2 can fetch the inforamtion (don’t know if it will be possible)

  2. somehow use CA from org1 to generate new cert for peer0.org2 (in this case org2 doesn’t have CA and maybe also no orderer)

do you have any idea how to achieve this problem?
PS, I have read the docs about enroll and register of CA, but still confused

Thank you in advance.