How to provide refreshed token to cloud function


“groups” : {

      "-KwMfvbDrjmmVYDbD9Eg" : {
        "Members" : {
          "Whmn0gpyV0ee7zChazdV5m2fpRy1" : "fosbPw_fYl8:APA91bGUdFmFulbk1ntEAJhDhXdWvFPoLkrs-ZnsioGUVd2ImDTbCdCjGfsqj30kFoIfiroTaeISvNRjnXdF81TkypSnz08FWPJ-q6hsgbNGvhf0xMRBT6eX1DTt5ts5QqJD01_l6ssi",
          "n4j49net7lb8h7pfL0HX4vXJJtq1" : "xosbPw_fYl8:APA91bGUdFmFulbk1ntEAJhDhXdWvFPoLkrs-ZnsioGUVd2ImDTbCdCjGfsqj30kFoIfiroTaeISvNRjnXdF81TkypSnz08FWPJ-q6hsgbNGvhf0xMRBT6eX1DTt5ts5QqJD01_l6ssi",
          "f4j49net7lb8h7pfL0HX4vXJJtq1" : "rosbPw_fYl8:APA91bGUdFmFulbk1ntEAJhDhXdWvFPoLkrs-ZnsioGUVd2ImDTbCdCjGfsqj30kFoIfiroTaeISvNRjnXdF81TkypSnz08FWPJ-q6hsgbNGvhf0xMRBT6eX1DTt5ts5QqJD01_l6ssi",
          "nade9net7lb8h7pfL0HX4vXJJtq1" : "tosbPw_fYl8:APA91bGUdFmFulbk1ntEAJhDhXdWvFPoLkrs-ZnsioGUVd2ImDTbCdCjGfsqj30kFoIfiroTaeISvNRjnXdF81TkypSnz08FWPJ-q6hsgbNGvhf0xMRBT6eX1DTt5ts5QqJD01_l6ssi"

        "allowEveryoneFormessaging" : false,
        "code" : "34047",
        "description" : "the best time in my life me a few things like it has the right thing in your company to see u need the most recent activity report of a sudden",
        "image" : "default",
        "lastUpdated" : 1506937140874,
        "name" : "Momentum",
        "visiblity" : true


In this json first i have groups -> group key -> members list -> members with refreshed token
Q : how do i pick all these refreshed token ? ( and in this group key is variable , i am able to get it but dont know how to use it )
any help would be appriciated , thank you

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Hi @vardan_Kaushik,
Thanks for asking this. Let me assign @varun to handle this. He is the right person to do that as well.