How to use login for a hyperledger project with a node-js client


(Mayibongwe Bayana) #1

Hi Guys

I would like to know how i structure my loging in on a hyperledger project with a node-js client. When the user is logging in can i use a session so that he gets a key for instance.

(Varun Raj) #2

Hello @Mayibongwe27

Thanks for starting this thread here as a lot of people are having the same question for their blockchain application.

We’ve worked on this few months back and found one architecture to be promising enough. Where we use to authenticate the user with the key card (Private key, Public Key & Certificate). You can checkout our blog here.

For Hyperledger Composer :

For Hyperledger Fabric :

(Rajat Wasan) #3

Hello @varun

Do we have any guide or nodejs application for hyperledger sawtooth?

(Varun Raj) #4

Not yet, @rajatwasan but we’re writing one soon. But you can have a look at our sample kickstart project

(Rajat Wasan) #5

Thanks @varun,
I will go through it .