Hyperleder Fabric CA


(Alicia Antony Oviiya) #1


Can I use Fabric CA in the production environment or is there any other replacement for Fabric CA to generate certs in the production ?

Can I replace Fabric CA with Godaddy, Digicert, Let’s Encrypt or something like that ?

The problem is that the Hyperledger Fabric CA follows a format in which the cert could be decrypted and the attributes of the cert could be accessed via SDK .

I was able to generate ECDSA X509 digital certificate with Openssl but I was not able to get the attributes via Fabric SDK. Using the cert generate via openssl the network was working fine but i was not able to access the attributes via Fabric SDK .

Would be eager to hear someone answering .

(Varun Raj) #2

As far as I discussed with Hyperledger Engineers, Currently fabric doesn’t supports the using 3rd party SSL Certificates.

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(Varun Raj) #4

Looks like some are saying it’s possible and some are saying it’s not. Let me loopin some more people to have a look at this.

(Varun Raj) #5

And Definitely it’s pretty good problem to address :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing this up.

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