Importance of Writing Clean Code

“Programming is an art of telling another human what one wants the computer to do.”
-Donald Knuth

Here are some advantages of writing clean code :

  1. Your code is your responsibility
  2. You work in a team
  3. Easily maintainable and extensible
  4. Easy debugging
  5. You’re not the owner of product

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This is a nice topic to discuss. Writing clean code is something we take very seriously at Skcript, and this has helped us avoid a ton of confusion within the team.

Just like the way pixel perfection is important for any design, clean code is crucial to any developer.

I also think the companies who care about the cleanliness of their code, will already have their naming conventions and guidelines to write the code set in stone. One of the best company I can think of who take clean code very seriously is AirBnB. Their coding guidelines and style guides are very extensive.