Instagram launched Polls and here's how to create your first poll

(Sankriti Krishnan) #1

Instagram just added another new feature that will soon join its long list of other features. The new poll feature (we’re calling them InstaPolls :wink:) allows you to vote for your favourite among the two that’s allowed. Here’s how you can make an Instapoll -

The next time you click a picture for your Insta story,

  1. Head over to the Sticker icon on the top right corner to paste a sticker
  2. In your sticker inventory, click on “Poll”
  3. Type in a question you want to get a vote for
  4. By default, you’ll be given ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as the options - but you can move your cursor to edit the vote options according to what you want to ask
  5. Pull to position your poll on the screen and Post!

Once your followers see your post and vote for them, you can see the percentage when you view your own story. To find out how many votes you got and who voted for which option - head over to the extreme left at the bottom of the screen, and you can see these insights.

Not sure if this is just eye candy or a clever marketing strategy, but Instagram sure does know how to keep the excitement going :smile:

(Lexluthor) #2

It’s a great boost for content making. Though the greatest boost I’ve found recently means for Instagram promotion. Its third-party service, but it combines with platform perfectly and gives super tools for following, auto-massaging, analytics etc.