Interface between API.AI and Firebase and/or Azure


I’ve created an intent in DialogFlow, and also tested the same in the Google Assistant Simulator. Now how can I integrate the intent which I created in DiaglogFlow with Firebase and/or Azure?

Thanks in Advance.

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #2

@varun Can you help @upradeep with this?

(Varun Raj) #3

Hi Upradeep,

I need little more info on your current architecture. You want to build your webhook part with firebase or use the data that’s in the firebase a datastore?


Hi Varun,

I just created intent in API.AI. I want to build the webhook part so that my API.AI will linked to the Firebase.

Also, can I then link Firebase with Azure?

Thanks in Advance.

(Varun Raj) #5

You can use Firebase cloud functions to build the Webhook part and use the firebase database or firestore to hold you data.

What kind of integration you’re expecting from firebase?


Hi Varun,

My task is to command a Google Home device to control an embedded device. The flow is
Google Home->Google Assistant->Firebase->Azure->Embedded Device.

I’m currently at Google Home->Google Assistant. Now I have to go further from here.

Now, another question is can I go in this path?
Google Home->Google Assistant->Azure->Embedded Device

Thanks in Advance.

(Varun Raj) #7

How are you communicating between Embedded Device and Azure?


i haven’t worked on that part yet. The embedded device which I’m using is OpenXC.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Varun,

Can you please let me know how to build a webhook between the Google Assistant and the Firebase to start off?

Thanks in Advance

(Varun Raj) #11

Hi Upradeep,

I’ve written an article on that in our blog. It helps you understand that in very clear way.


Hi Varun,

Thanks for providing the link. I did take a look at the link which you provided. In the Building the backend section, I see that I have to write some code. How and where to write these lines of code in the Firebase? Is there a CLI in Firebase? If yes, how to access it?

Thanks in Advance.

(Varun Raj) #13

Hi Upradeep,

Yeah, you need write the functions in local machine and push it firebase with a CLI tool.

Get a look at this, might be helpful for you.


Hi Varun,

I started working on this. But once I create a webhook between API.AI and Firebase, is there a way that I can verify the same?

Thanks in Advance.

(Varun Raj) #18

Yes you can do that, Try sending some message from the API.AI simulator and see if it reaches the Firebase Cloud Functions.