Introduction to Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is blockchain development platform initially developed by Intel and now hosted by Linux foundation under its hyperledger project. Similar to other hyperledger projects sawtooth is also a highly modular open source platform for blockchain development. The sawtooth is mainly proposed for the insurance claim processing, supply chain management based on IOT, and international remittance. Sawtooth already developed some versatile DApps in the above-mentioned areas.

Components of sawtooth.
Every distributed ledger must contain the following basic components:

  • A data model:-To represent the current state of the ledger.
  • The language of transactions: - To change ledger state.
  • Protocol:-To makes consensus among participants.

The versatility, security, and simplicity of a hyperledger depend upon the features of these three components. The sawtooth has a well-defined structure for these components. In sawtooth, the data model and language of transactions are combined together as a ‘transaction family’. So each transaction family will have a specific data model for defining the ledger state and a language of the transaction for changing the state. The user can create their own transaction family according to their ledger requirements.

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