Is AI going to take over the world as some people fear?

Is AI going to take over the world as some people fear?

One would hope so… just look around you, we are all lock-step in a headlong rush to extinction. Take your pick, global climate change, increased ocean acidity, and now we are finding out that those continent-sized heaps of plastic floating around in every ocean gyre on the planet is just the tip of the iceberg.

We are finding micro-plastics at depth, wind-blown onto ice at the North Pole, and even in the corals and sponges… and moving rapidly up the food chain.

Basically the human race is screwed, and the idea of colonizing space is probably a bit out of our reach. Just for a bit of historical perspective… the two worse extinctions in the Earth’s history have a common thread, the oceans died.

Since the Industrial Age began we looked at the ocean as a sewer and now the entire marine ecosystem is on the very edge with an end in sight.

When the oceans die, we will die and our only ‘Chance’ of not being completely lost to time will rest in the creation of an artificial intelligence. So that we will at least be remembered.

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