Is Hyperledger Composer enterprise production ready?

I see a lot of chatter about Hyperledger Composer, and how easy Composer can be to write your own custom Chaincode on top of Fabric. But I have my own doubts, after reading the architecture of how Composer works.

My question is very simple:

If a enterprise company is looking to use Hyperledger Composer in their production environment, is it ready for such cases?

Hyperledger Composer is a set of tools which facilitates rapid proto typing of Blockchain applications. The Business Network can be created efficiently with implementing business logics in Javascript File, defining assets in Model file and setting up Access control rules. Also, the business network can be deployed on running Hyperledger Fabric Network using CLI.

Skeleton user interface can also be easily created using the Yo generator tool.

But the answer to the below question is NO

Since the development of Composer is still in progress with the latest version v0.18.0. The development team of Composer is very active and the composer builds are deployed every week with some ‘Breaking changes’. I would suggest keeping a track of the releases until Version 1 of composer is released.
Link of Hyperledger composer releases: