Is Hyperledger decentralised?

I can’t seem to wrap my head around Enterprise blockchain solution using Hyperledger. How exactly do reach a consensus without a flaw in the system?

Hello Jash,

Hyperledger Fabric is a Private Blockchain Network and doesn’t follow mining for achieving the consensus, thus it has a different algorithm other than PoW.

Here in Hyperledger Fabric, the nodes are of three types, Endorser, Peers, and Orderer each of them does a specific role.

  1. Peers are the nodes that hold the ledger and will be connected to a client which helps the user to interact with the network.

  2. Orderer is the transaction distributor that takes up any transaction proposal from peers and checks the policies and commits in other peers.

  3. Endorsers are special peers that are responsible for signing and validating the transactions coming from orderers.

Now you can define your own endorsement policy like which are the endorsers should mandatorily sign and which are optional and which are not. Thus the consensus can be customized.

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Can the custom endorsement policy not be prone to 51% attacks?

Depends on the number of machines you setup, More the nodes, more secured it is.