Is React JS not as good as it seems to be?

(Karan Ganesan) #1

Is this true ? Did you face same kind of problem ?


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Removing client-side React.js (but keeping it on the server) resulted in a 50% performance improvement on our landing page

— Netflix UI Engineers (@NetflixUIE) October 26, 2017

(Karan Ganesan) #2

@varun any thoughts ?

(Varun Raj) #3

Hey man, this is a really good question.

According to their problem statement, they have removed only the client side react code and using the framework on the server side. This concept is called Server rendering where you get the prebuilt HTML code from the server with help of React Framework, thus the browser doesn’t have to compile the site again and again. But for the dynamic content, they used the plain javascript as it always compiled and ran faster than a framework.

This works in better for static content like pre-decided data and a page with very fewer logics.

According to my suggestion, use frameworks like react or angular only if you need it. Else solve the problem with a minimal approach.