Is RPA really a technology that can outgrow normal scripting automation ? Is it suitable for Indian Banking Sector?

Hey hi, Actually I am working in a company where we provide solutions for many front runners in banking sector. We also do automation works but with scripting languages like bash, perl to python. Our automation work extends to server’s health checkup and monitoring, generating, processing reports and sending them periodically as needed, automating custom startup works such as table entry and so on. I agree that scripts cannot ( may not ) have cognitive thinking.

First set of questions that strike my mind are,

I got the below contents from one of your article,

RPA is basically configuring a software robot to take care of the repetitive or rule-based tasks, that might range from downloading periodic reports, processing documents, scraping data from websites to sending emails, generating support tickets, processing claims, etc. Imagine a pet robot living inside of your computer that could take the inane and repetitive tasks out of your hands.

RPA can take care of maintaining the records, creating reports, calculations, and queries for you while you concentrate on identifying opportunities or concerns or improving customer relations

We are able to automate all of the above task with just scripting languages. So why a tool for that ?

If RPA technology can do wonders in automation that scripting language cannot do. What are those wonders ?

With most of the clients in banking sector I worked with, will say the same reasons I gave to neglect this technology. Fun fact, As per my knowledge now only some of the banks are moving to cloud technology but the front runners are still sticking with rack VM setups.

How can a technology like this can influence into Indian Banking Sector ?

Do you need to execute tasks with percision and accuracy?

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