Let's formulate a new tech podcast series?

As you might already know, I’m a Podcast fanatic. I love listening to Podcasts, and I still feel that there is some gap in the podcast industry.

Here are some of the topics that I think we can discuss in the podcast:

  1. “How I work” from designers, entrepreneurs and developers across the world.
  2. “Getting things done” series from people who focus on productivity and strictly adhere to their calendar.

What do you guys think? Let’s talk. :+1:

P.S. Some of the best podcasts i like are -

React Podcast http://reactpodcast.com

CSS-Tricks Screencasts http://css-tricks.com/video-screencasts/

Style Guide Podcast http://styleguides.io/podcast/

Boagworld https://boagworld.com

The Big Web Show http://5by5.tv/bigwebshow

Path to Performance https://pathtoperf.com/


Man! This is an amazing idea! I wanted to do the same for when I was in college where we invite CEOs, founders from big companies to talk about how they work.

Do you know any designers who would like to be a part of the podcast series?

And, we should also come up with a name for this…


Great idea dude, we can also include designers to give their views on designing a product in this podcast.

And yeah we need a good name for this.

This is a great idea. Even I’m a Podcast junkie, and I listen to it during my runs. To get things started, how about we discuss a little more in detail about what the podcast will be about and the schedule for the same?

Here are some of the things I think we should figure out:

  1. The core USP of the podcast
  2. The name for the podcast
  3. Focus groups to test out the podcast
  4. Logistics

These are some of the things that was on top of my mind, but I’m sure there’s more to this than what has been mentioned right now.

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Nice! Where do I subscribe? On a side note, have you seen this YouTube video, ‘How to solve problems like a designer’? I really like it, https://youtu.be/wOrmr5kT-48.


I’m thinking the major focus should be on iTunes Podcasts & our own landing page. But then, the podcasts should also be shared on other platforms like SoundCloud & YouTube.

Why youtube? If we have some screencast we can publish it there but i don’t think youtube will be much useful for a podcast.

And we can upload all the podcast in our site first and just generate a RSS feed and publish it to iTunes and Pocket Casts or whatever.

I’m thinking of some good names for the podcast, if anyone has any suggestions please share it :grinning:

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Well, there are a lot of reasons why we should focus on YouTube as well:

  1. The audience reach on YouTube is really good
  2. There are chances of monetizing the podcast
  3. YouTube is not a conventional place where people post Podcasts, and that is a really good opportunity for us as well. How many times have you played something (like deep step music) on YouTube and gotten back to work, while the video plays there in one of the hidden tabs in your browser? That’s an opportunity for us.
  4. We’re not going to be pulling the users to actively watch it, instead, focus on the audio, good quality audio to the people.
  5. There are opportunities for us to practice the user to actually look at the video with some signal in the audio. Gradually, for more important stuff, like written content, you can pull the user back to the window and allow them to watch.
  6. There are a ton of opportunities for us to revolutionize the way people listen to Podcasts on YouTube. A subtle animation as the video with the live text, boy, that would change everything.
  7. It’s good to be literally everywhere as well.

I agree with you on this. First, it will be our website, then to the other platforms.

Throw me some names please?

Well yeah that’s a good point, we can then focus on youtube as well :sunglasses:

Some names i thought of:

The Subdivision Podcast

Coders Unite


The Subtle Tech Show

Cyber Program




The Empty Podcast

Which of these do you guys like for the name of the podcast?


My vote would be for these three in order of priority:

  1. N/A; because I can visualize a beautiful design for the logo
  2. Echo; since its very close to the sound as such
  3. The empty podcast; because its empty and makes me curious

Let’s wait for others to vote.

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I vote for Echo and N/A

Well, the main selling point is, upto my knowledge, we will be the only indian podcast that talks deep about design and development. And we could highlight and showcase other excellent developers around us and invite them too.

I think we need to test out the podcast by making an Episode 0 which will be shared exclusively within this discourse community and by their comments, we can move forward.

We can use the conference room, and recording wouldn’t be a problem, we just need a decent mic and a good sound mixing software.

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Echo & The Filled Vessel.

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I like this. And ‘Echo’.

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Hi Guys,

I vote for Youtube.

You can have the platform advantage and some people can discover it by video suggestions or by searching the topic.

Also, give the downloadable link for audio in the description so that people can hear it offline on whatever device they want to hear.

Thank You,
Yogesh SP

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Yeah, i’m also warming up to the idea of adding it to youtube.

Downloadable links and other information about the podcast would be located in the landing page.

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I like the idea, but we need to refine this one for sure. Quality is one thing that we cannot compromise.

This is a good one. Sharing it with our trusted Discourse community makes a lot of sense to me. Let’s pull in some more people to voice out their views on this particular initiative?

Perfect. Here’s the stack I propose:

  1. Zoom H1 recorder
  2. Garagebank or Audacity
  3. Our Conference Room
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Bam! This is a great thought. A MP3 link should work for this.

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Thank you guys, for considering my suggestion.

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Though this isn’t tech related, something like the AutoCar podcasts where they review one particular Sedan or SUV - this could be employed for tech where a CEO/Director could be interviewed about a particular product that his or her organization makes - then this could be a crowd puller. DailySpin.io does something like this. Like mentioned earlier, once you know you have reach, you can dedicate a series for Design, Development and so on.

And I happen to like the names, Echo, Metaphor and the Filled Vessel (if it’s still in the running) :wink: