Let's formulate a new tech podcast series?

Just watched this video. It’s just brilliant and of course Tim Brown translates his thoughts beautifully throughout the video.

Makes sense. But I think it should focus on culture instead of products the company is making. I believe DailySpin is doing a good job in this already.

Also, @sankay, mind bringing in Greg to give his thoughts here about making the podcast happen? I’m sure he would be able to share some valuable inputs.

@swaathi: Can you do the same for Neil Patel from The Indian Startup Show as well?

Have been digging YouTube for some of the audio podcasts, and they seem to be working. These audio podcasts have an average of 10K views, which is not bad, when done right.

Here’s a very good example of a podcast that I’ve started listening into:

One of the best things I like about this is the simplicity in accessing and discovering new podcasts.

Yeah I also now think YouTube might be a good idea, we can definitely do it :metal:. And was thinking about the name of the podcast, I think ECHO would work out, I have asked @Hareessh to do a quick mockup of the logo and he would be doing it soon. We’ll see how that goes :muscle:


Perfect then. Echo it is. :slight_smile:

ECHO sounds perfect :grinning:

@karthik We can definitely bring in Greg to help us with some pointers.

That’s fantastic. :slight_smile: Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Hey Juge,

Here’s the quick logo for Echo which you asked for:

Whatcha guys think about this?

How do you think we can make this better?


Love this dude :heart_eyes:, i think this will be great for us!

That was quick. Thanks for this @Hareessh.

One quick suggestion is that the icon can be smaller.

I love the idea for the podcast and think if done properly it could be a real hit. The one thing I would look out for is making sure you or someone on your team can have a high-level conversation about the field you are discussing. For example, if you are talking about Hadoop with someone, someone on your team will have to have a decent knowledge of Hadoop to hold the conversation. This is important when you are deciding on who your audience is. Going with that example, if I’m a Hadoop developer and your conversation is too basic, it may not get what I was looking for out of the podcast.

I ran into this issue when I started my podcast. I wanted it to be more tech-focused, I soon realized that I didn’t have the same knowledge of the technologies as the people I spoke to. This made our conversations kind of light and too generic. We switched to the “entrepreneur” route because that is more of a broad topic and something I was more comfortable in speaking to.

I guess the questions you should ask yourself are.

  1. Who’s the target audience?
  2. How many podcasts do you think you can hold on those topics?
  3. How long do you plan the podcast to be?
  4. How often do you want to release them?

You’ll also need to find a platform to record (I use Zencastr and think it’s great, but there are many out there). And a host to host the platform. I was on SoundCloud but moved everything to Libsyn because I don’t think Soundcloud will be here much longer.


This is fantastic! :grinning: Thanks a bunch for these pointers @DailySpin
We’re definitely going to keep this in mind for the podcast :slight_smile:


Hey @DailySpin,

Thanks a lot for these pointers, these really help! :slight_smile: