More customers we have, more trees we plant

I’m scared. I’m scared that someday, I’ll live in a planet with more cars and data-centers than trees. I want to change that. And I’m super lucky to have my team (Skcript) support this change. We’ve started doing something about this.

Last year, the temperature was a bit tolerable when compared to this year. And this rapid change in temperature has been happening every single year, as far as I remember. I’m afraid that this is not going to stop.

Skcript is out and out a technology company. We use servers, and we run them inside our offices as well as at data-centers. These servers create their own damage to the environment, as they leave carbon footprint whenever they’re up. We want to nullify this effect at least.

We’ve already started doing something about it:

Planting trees for every paid customer

Starting this month, we’ve started to spend 10% of the revenue that we generate from in planting trees. We believe that this will cause at least a small positive effect on our environment.

In this way, every time a customer moves to a paid plan, a new tree will be planet, and the picture will be emailed to them as well, with their name on it.

To all those amazing customers who’re already using the platform, thank you for supporting us. If you’re a new to Allt, please go ahead and sign-up for yourself. Help us make this happen!

We’re also making some more plans towards Healing the Planet. I’ll keep you posted about those plans. 👍

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