My feedbacks are unorganized. What are the tools to organize and manage the feedbacks in one place?

(Naveen Honest Raj) #1

I released a new web application recently and I am getting lot of feedbacks through email, calls and twitter. Is there any web platform that could provide a way to organize all these cluttered feedbacks and requests in one place.

It would be helpful if I could also get back to these feedback submitters and keep them updated about their feedbacks.


One of the best ways to organize feedback coming in through different platforms is gather, collect them in one place. hellonext is such a platform that provides a solution to this in addition to engaging your users with auto-progress emails and updates if they are interested to know the updates with the product. The platform also supports picture feedback, auto suggestions to avoid repetitive feedback and separate buckets to categorize feedback and features now.

In addition to this, hellonext will be introducing product roadmaps, third part integrations, and so much more. I hope this answers this question in detail.

PS: If you think hellonext needs any new feature that would make your customer experience awesome, you can leave your feedback at This is what your customer experiences when they leave feedback for your product on hellonext.