Regarding skcriptbot and the inflow of posts on Sudo vs Root Category

You probably noticed the avalanche of posts that are coming in Sudo vs Root Category, we recently integrated our Sudo vs Root Blog’s Comments through Discourse.

The way how this works is, whenever we add a new blog post the skcriptbot posts it here as a topic that we can discuss on. And these discussions also show on the comments section of our blog page.

We incorporated this change so that we can have a more inclusive and open way of discussing about a topic, we felt that this would be better than any other comment system we have.

Unfortunately the skcriptbot is also indexing all the old blog posts that are present, this would automatically happen when someone opens a blog post. So for some time these new topic would be created under the sudo vs root category, you can comment and discuss about any of these topics and you can see it reflecting in our blog.

Enjoy your time on Skcript’s Discourse! :heart:

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