[RESOURCE] Cost of building a good React Native mobile app?

(Karthik Kamalakannan) #1

Over the course of five years, I’ve had many customers come to me and ask the most important question that would put a value to their dream. That is:

How much does it cost to build a good quality application for iOS and Android?

Today, let me try to help you answer this as short as possible.

  1. Evaluate if you need a mobile app or not in the first place. Most of the functionalities today, can be done with a really well built responsive web application.
  2. Have a clear idea about what you would like to build; most of the mobile application development goes wrong in the middle of the development because of the changes that are requested.
  3. Make sure you know where to stop the development; technology is addictive. There is not end to the possibilities of a product and its feature set.
  4. Talk to multiple mobile application development companies; before you begin development, please talk to multiple companies and we (at Skcript) highly recommend you to do so.
  5. Have everything documented and spend time with your potential development company before you start the development.

Once you are done with the above pointers, you will now have clarity in talking to people about your idea. Get a NDA signed by each and every company and make sure your idea is protected beforehand.

From what we have seen, a typical mobile application would cost somewhere around $25,000 for a 90 day worth of work to begin with. When I say typical, I’m talking about an application with the following assumptions:

  • Social login
  • Backend database
  • Encryption for all the data that is traversing between the mobile app and the backend server
  • Backend server is built on top of a popular framework like Ruby on Rails or Python or serverless architecture
  • Design for the mobile application

But this is not the case for the enterprise customers. The application development cost for enterprise customers could start off from $75000 and go all the way up to a million dollars. There are a couple of reasons why enterprise grade apps are different from those of a regular application. The enterprise sector customers demand that the application is secured with security standards of the company, the disaster recovery has to be at its finest and also the support system and the time it takes for us to build the mobile application is going to be high as well.

In the past, I’ve been advised to price any project based on the number of man-hours spent. But I don’t beleive in that concept considering the amount of effort and collaboration it takes within the company to build something of superior quality for our customers within a given time. So in our case, we price based on the total value of the project and how much value we can add with our process and the quality of the product we will be producing for our customers. This way, we are able to have the cost low, and get things done faster for our customers.

Next up, I’ll write a little bit about the best companies to work with in India to develop your iOS or Android application with quality standards that are so high.

What do you think about this cost? Do you think it could be done better? Let me know in the comments section right below. :slight_smile: