Setting up a Blockchain Business Network With Hyperledger Fabric & Composer Running in Multiple Physical Machine

(Niraj Dhiman) #221

Hi Renu… Have you setup everything in Fabric only without composer?

(Varun Raj) #222

This happens when you bind the server to or localhost. Make sure you’re binding it to

(Varun Raj) #223

This happens in two cases, one is when the container is not able to communicate with the internet and other is when the machine is slow and unable to process it within a given time.

Can you attach the container logs here?

(Varun Raj) #224

We usually do it with the traditional commands like in mac & linux ifconfig and in windows ipconfig

(agung) #225

Hi, @varun

I’ve sent you an email and I’ll re-asking here
I’ve followed your tutorial at but to be honest I combine your tutorial with another tutorial.
All works perfectly(I mean , I can sync my peers in machine 1 and machine 2), but when I try to running my second composer at machine two, my machine show an error “error trying to start business network. error parameter must be a proposalresponse object”,

What should I do to fix it? Please show me how to fix it

Thanks in advance

(Varun Raj) #226

Hey Agung, Can you please attach the error logs here for better understanding?

(agung) #227

how to see our errors logs? With this command docker logs < Peer Container ID> ? But which peers?

here is my env:
Composer 0.19.14
fabric : 1.1
Couchdb: 0.4.10

(Varun Raj) #228

I mean the errors that you get when running the commands.

(agung) #229

Here is my errors notification

(Varun Raj) #230

And what version of composer you’re using @agung?

(agung) #231

Composer: 0.19.14
Couchdb: 0.4.10
fabric : 1.1

it is compatible with our setting based on your tutorial?

(Varun Raj) #232

Actually mine is written for composer 17.06.
Can you check by upgrading to latest version 0.20?

(agung) #233

I combine your tutorial with another tutorial so it can work at compose 0.19 (but only one composer can start :frowning: at first machine )
hmm is it the only one solution for my problem? There is no solution if I still using composer 0.19.14?
to be honest, I’m afraid if I upgrade it to 0.20, my composer explorer will not working

(Varun Raj) #234

When you say running second composer at machine 2, What does that mean exactly?

(agung) #235

I’ve two machine(vmware / server)…
First machine running composer correctly (composer network install , composer network start, and running composer playground at port 8081), after my composer running correctly, input some transaction data (still at first machine). Data at peer 0 in first machine sync with peer 1 in second machine.
What I want is, I wanna running composer at second machine too so I can view my own composer playground at second machine and sync my composer playground data with peer 0 at first machine

I’m so sorry with my english, I’ll try as best as I can.

Thank you so much for your time :pray:

here is my database at peer 0 in first machine

(agung) #236

additional information:
and sync with peer 1 in second machine

(Varun Raj) #237

I dont think you’ve to install the composer again in the second machine, Instead run the peers alone and start only once. It should automatically sync.

(agung) #238

so I can run composer playground and composer rest server and hyperledger explorer on second machine without run composer network start?

(Varun Raj) #239

Yep, You just need to upload the card and the connection profile in the card should have the IP Addresses mapped properly.

(agung) #240

so we just need to run ./ in second machine (./ used on the first machine)?