Setting up a Blockchain Business Network With Hyperledger Fabric & Composer Running in Multiple Physical Machine

(Varun Raj) #241

Actually you dont even need that if you’re going to use only explorer and rest server in second machine. You just need the cards to be imported to your wallet.

(agung) #242

thank you so much, I’ll try to import my wallet using this tutorial ( and import it into my second machine using this tutorial (
I’ll informt you as soon as I can

(Varun Raj) #243

Sure :slight_smile: Keep me posted here :slight_smile:

(agung) #244

I wanna to say thank you so much for your time for helping me
I’ve tried your suggestion and it’s works perfectly as what I want

The conclusion for my problem is, just install and start composer once in first machine, and copied the card to all of the machine, and the machine will sync automatically, right?

(Varun Raj) #245

That sounds great :slight_smile: Glad to help you on this regards.

Keep us posted on anything you face issue in :slight_smile: