Sketch Plugins you cannot live without

(Skcript Bot) #1

If you’re a designer who usually burns the midnight oil to push out the pixels on time, you know how painful to the eyes a bright/white UI could be. This is the answer to all your cries at night 😁

Cost - Free for 7 days; $8 for 3 Macs.

How many times have to got the dreaded “Save Changes” conflict whenever you’re collaborating on the same Sketch file with a fellow designer? Quite a lot for sure. You would’ve spent at least a few hours in putting together a master sketch file with the final designs when you a couple of designers in your team. Plant is here to fix all that for you. Github for Sketch without all the fuss is finally here.

Cost - Free for 3 projects; $12/month for unlimited projects. Worth every penny in my opinion.

Want to track how many hours you’ve pushed pixel after pixel? Wakatime is here for the rescue. Wakatime is mostly used my developers to clock their coding hours, which is extremely useful if you’re a freelancer. With the Wakatime for Sketch plugin, you don’t have to envy the developers in your team anymore! Just install Wakatime and the Sketch plugin to clock in how long you’ve been staring at a blank canvas!(Jk :P)

Cost - Free for life.

If you’re designing with accessibility in mind, which I think you should for most of the times, it can be extremely difficult to check for a several types of color blindness that people may have. Before I started using this plugin, I never knew such visual disabilities even existed. So, it’s great to run your designs through Stark just to ensure that some of your target users wouldn’t have a tough time using the app you designed.

Cost - Free for life.

These are some of the plugins I use frequently. I hope you found something that’ll make your experience using Sketch much easier and pleasant, apart from the occasional crashes which I’m not responsible for 😄

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