Note: We’re leaving the pronunciation open. Right now we’re taking the ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ monkey Steve’s tone - you can pick another tone if you’d like, so cool right! 😁

Switching to a serious tone,

One of the most annoying things about the Calendar app is that when you open it only to find that you’re overflowing with tasks that has a lot of junk mixed in it. In the HQ, we keep our calendars open for every other Skcripter to view - this way we avoid overlapped meeting timings or events.

The Problem Statement

Though all of this was very comfortable and useful, we missed meeting timings despite having our calendars open on our PC’s. This was because we saw too many things and ignored the collaborative calendar view, and this is where the individual view failed miserably to keep us on track with time.

The Solution

We wanted to narrow down one’s view to only that day. That is when Steve was born.

What, or rather who is Steve?

Unlike any other app that shows or tells what your day comprises of, Steve lists the tasks, meetings and events scheduled only for that day.

‘Less is more’ is more than apt for Steve. With its minimalist look, it’ll sweep you off your feet.

With Steve,

  • One cannot edit the calendar
  • One cannot add tasks
  • One cannot change the time

All one can do is see what is there for you to do, get your mind to focus and work only on that. The possibility of getting distracted with too many things to see in a calendar is shut down completely.

Why Steve?

It’s not everyday that you find a calendar app that’s named Steve. But if a dinosaur called Steve can jump over trees, then this Steve can tell you the meetings you have for that day. Also, this app is named after one of the best people to have lived and our hugest source of inspiration, Mr. Steve Jobs.

The catch

Steve was built to solve a pressing problem that everyone of us faced inside the HQ - which is making sure that our calendar stay organized, clean and don’t have overlapping meeting slots. This, combined with our love for inventing things is our own small way of paying homage to the wonderful legacy of Mr. Jobs.

Since this is our first step into making apps for the platform that Mr. Jobs created, Steve is available only for iOS at the moment. But never fear, we’re soon jumping into Android too! 😉

And, the best part

Steve is simple and colourful.

Anybody will love Steve right after the first look. With the black background and the brightly colored text, you will definitely feel richer (that does not mean that you can sell Steve and buy clothes, sorry to burst your bubble, but we’ve got the copyrights) and your focus will only be on the tasks and nothing else for that matter.

We care

As much as Steve makes a day more productive, it also greets you with a motivational quote everyday. Steve cares about you!

Steve is available on the App Store and it should soon be making it’s way to PlayStore too, so it’s time for you guys to tell us what else Steve should do.

Click here to register for beta signups!

Happy Steve-ing!

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