The Apple Event - List of Stuff they Announced, Images and Links

Apple Watch

  1. Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE prices at $400. Non-LTE version priced at $329. Orders begin Sept 15, ships Sept 22.

  2. New Heart Rate features for WatchOS4

  3. Apple Watch Series 3 comes in new gold aluminum finish, grey ceramic, new sport loop band, new Nike+ colours (Source pending)

  4. WatchOS 4 will be releases Sept 19

Apple TV

  1. Apple TV with 4K, HDR support

  2. Apple will sell 4K movies the same price as their HD version.

  3. Apple TV starts at $179. Orders begin Sept 15, and ships Sept 22.

iPhone 8

  1. iPhone 8 with Glass back and glass front. 3 colors (only, for now): Silver, space gray, and a new gold finish are available color options.

  2. iPhone 8/Plus camera has new 12MP sensor, new color filter, two new sensors

  3. iPhone 8 Plus will have portrait mode lighting beta that simulates professional photographer lighting in real time

  4. Wireless Charging

  5. The new camera system shoots 4K 60 fps and 1080p 240 fps.

  6. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus pricing and availability, $699/$799, 64gb and 256gb, sept 15 preorder

iPhone X:

  1. Glass front and back, stainless steel around edge, space gray and silver, Super Retina 5.8" OLED display

  2. Tap display to wake, home button replaced with swipe up gesture

  3. FaceID

  4. Dual optical stabilization and quad LED True Tone flash, portrait mode selfies w/ front cam

  5. iPhone X specs, 2 hours more battery life than iPhone 7

  6. Airpower Wireless charging pad

  7. iPhone X availability and pricing: $999, 64gb and 256gb. Preorder Oct 27, available Nov 3.



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