There's something awesome happening on Twitter right now. And you have to see it!

There’s something amazing on Twitter happening right now - #WITBragDay is trending.

It makes my heart so happy to read all the wonderful accomplishments by women all across the world. It’s very common to doubt oneself but not so much when it comes to appreciating yourself. Whatever accomplishment, big or small should be celebrated.

Here’s my #WITBragDay post.

Every time you use Rails, you use my code. #WITBragDay Keep contributing! #code

— Swaathi Kakarla (@imswaathik) August 12, 2017

Here are my favorite,

Every time you write email in Gmail, you are using my code. I wrote it 10+ years ago as my first"real" job, not replaced yet. #WITBragDay

— Julie Parent (@jewree) August 12, 2017

#WITBragDay I took my first ever programming course in 2011 at age 46 . I am now a tenure track professor of Computer Information Systems.

— Mary Beth Moore (@MaryBethMoore6) August 12, 2017

When u watch #Netflix: picture doesn't suck, & is actually awesome, because of the team I lead (& my code) #WITBragDay

— Anne Aaron (@AnneMargotAaron) August 12, 2017

My code ships to millions of users via my changes to GitHub's GQL API and Atom's Git/GitHub integration that I build w @kuychaco#WITBragDay

— Michelle Tilley 🌈 (@BinaryMuse) August 11, 2017

In a few months, I went from contributing a tiny PR to being a maintainer for the Go dependency manager #WITBragDay

— Carolyn Van Slyck (@carolynvs) August 11, 2017

What’s yours?

P.S. And yes, the cover picture was intentional. We wanted to make sure #WITBragDay gets some limelight.

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