Vendors that offer AI tools for advertising

Most vendors offer partly or exclusively advertising-focused AI-powered solutions.


Adobe Advertising Cloud is billed on a demand-side platform unifying digital and TV campaign advertising data. As part of the platform, according to the company’s website, Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI product, offers “predictions on how to get the highest conversions at the lowest cost.”


As mentioned, Albert is another key player in theAI-powered advertising space. The company’s AI platform analyzes data across your ad accounts and customer databases then use sophisticated machine learning to target, run, and optimize your ad campaign


GumGum’s AI-powered computer vision technology learns from web-wide images and videos, then lets you place ads precisely where users will see them.


Formerly The Weather Company (acquired by IBM in 2015), IBM Watson Advertising uses IBM Watson’s AI capabilities and (presumably) acquisition data to improve brand advertising performance.


Pathmatics uses artificial intelligence to provide an advertising with transparency and perspective. The tool shows you exactly how your ads work across networks and provide you with competitive data on the output of ads from your rivals.


Phrasee uses AI to tackle the production of ads. One of the main features of the device is that it automatically writes better email subject lines than humans — but that same AI-powered function has now been modified to automatically write Facebook ads and push notifications.


The AI platform of WordStream analyzes your advertising campaigns across Facebook and Google Ads and then helps you change campaigns quickly.

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