Weekly "Round-up", Week 1 : DeepLearn, Android O, Native Apps, Maintainable CSS and More 🤙

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the internet’s best weekly series on design, front-end A.I and everything else that we are interested in.

Starting with the release of -

Android O, we are certainly excited about all the features that this packs and are eagerly waiting to see this in our phones in an year or two.

Firefox Focus, the lightweight browser, also released for iOS and Android.

Let’s continue with mobile,

Native mobile apps with Vue.js: Weex or NativeScript? to find whether Weex or NativeScript Provides better native experience for Vue.js.

Native Directory, a curated list of React Native libraries to help you build your projects.

How FINIS Built a Mobile App without Hiring Software Developers

Now to the Back-end and General programming,

Functional Programming Jargon, Explains jargon from the functional programming world in simple terms!

Build a simple Telegram Bot with Node.js, Easily make a telegram bot with node little programming skills.

Python Practices for Efficient Code: Performance, Memory, and Usability

Visualize Large Date and Time-Based Datasets with AnyStock

10 Ways to Keep Your Programming Skills Sharp Between Jobs, good to always stay sharp.

How to Master Your API Workflow with Postman

And check out PullRequest

Artificial Intelligence :robot:

Siri’s Co-Creator Shares His Vision for the Future of AI

Machines Taught by Photos Learn a Sexist View of Women

Making the Web More Accessible With AI

deeplearn.js, a hardware-accelerated machine intelligence library for the web

Machine Learning and Human Bias

Design :rainbow:

15 Color Schemes From Disney Heroes and Villains

Rethinking drag and drop

Desktop Kit, Sketch Template of UI Elements Found in macOS.

A quick beginner’s guide to drawing, Control your hand

Pointy Papers, A collection of free to download, minimalist wallpapers.

Do Brands Look Better Stripped Back? We Have the Answer!

Design Principles: Complexity

Articulating Design Decisions

And the last and best, Front-End Development:

Node.js Forked Again Over Complaints of Unresponsive Leadership

Converting from Speech to Text with JavaScript

Fancy Web Animations Made Easy with GreenSock Plugins

Introducing embedded code snippets

So you need a CSS utility library? by Chris Coyier

10 Languages That Compile to JavaScript

Web fonts: when you need them, when you don’t

Using the Paint Timing API

10 guidelines to improve your web accessibility

Integrating Animation into a Design System

Inside a super fast CSS engine, Quantum CSS (aka Stylo)

How To Create A Sketch Plugin With Front-End Technologies

Maintainble CSS, always a good idea.

Increase your web development skill-set, 150 animated tips on Chrome DevTools

Design Concepts For Non-Designers

Chrome 61 - What’s New in DevTools

Other Useful Resources:

Awesome Linux Software, A list of awesome applications, softwares, tools and other materials for Linux distros

Rendertron, A dockerized, headless Chrome rendering solution

Gtop, System monitoring dashboard for terminal

Marko, A friendly (and fast!) UI library from eBay

Totally Tooling Tips: GitHub Workflow Pro-Tips

That’s it for this week, will meet you next week’s round-up series :v: